Wednesday, 21 February 2018, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) conducted a workshop on LIPI membership in the International Organizations, especially in the ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (ASEAN COST).
Facing the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Society 5.0, the development of Science, Technology and Innovation in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its post programs; LIPI invited prominent speakers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs qq Directorate General of Multilateral Cooperation and the Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education (MoRTHE) qq Secretariat General.
After the opening session by acting LIPI Chairman, Prof Bambang Subiyanto and an informative presentation by Anita L Luhulima, Secretary of Director General of Multilateral Cooperation – MOFA Indonesia; Nada Marsudi, Head Bureau of Cooperation and Public Communication presented the progress of Indonesian membership in ASEAN COST in the last three years.  Nada even teased the audiences that almost all of LIPI participants are her colleagues since 2001, especially because of LIPI colleagues were the primary focal points of ASEAN COST, even since 1971, when Permanent Committee on Science and Technology (PCOST) was first established. Then this PCOST was formulated in 1978, becoming ASEAN COST and the name is maintained until now.

The Indonesian membership in the ASEAN COST was then leveraged  from LIPI into former Ministry of Research and Technology (MoRT), so the National ASEAN COST Secretariat, Focal Point and Chairmen, were always come from the MoRT – Indonesia.  Since 2014 – now, following the new profile of the MoRTHE, the National COST Chairman have been maintained by its Secretary General which is Prof Ainun Naím.
However, LIPI executives are still becoming focal points of various Sub Committees, which are the (i) Sub Committee on Biotechnology (SCB), Food Science and Technology (SCFST), (ii) Sub Committee on Microelectronics and Information Technology (SCMIT), (iii) Sub Committee on Marine Science and Technology (SCMSAT), (iv) Sub Committee on Materials Science and Technology (SCMST), (v) Sub Committee on Sustainable Energy Research (SCSER).
Three other focal points, which are (vi) Sub Committee on Meteorology and Geophysics (SCMG) is held by the Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG), (vii) Sub Committee on Space and Applied technology (SCOSA) is managed by LAPAN (the National Aeronautic Space Agency);  (viii) Sub Committee on Infrastructure Resource Development (SCIRD) is handled by MoRTHE qq the Head of National Science and Technology Center (PUSPIPTEK).
Achievements and progress, in the upcoming years, 2018 – 2020:

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Indonesia will act as (i) the coordinator of ASEAN Journal on Science and Technology for Development (AJSTD), (ii) ASEAN Chairperson for Sub Committee on Biotechnology, (iii) ASEAN Country Coordinator for ASEAN Russia Dialogue.
In addition, LIPI as the Indonesian focal point of SCMSAT has been also awarded ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Fund (ASTIF) for conducting the ASEAN Workshop on Carbon Sequestration in Coastal Ecosystem: from Science to Economic Value and Policy, which will be conducted in 2018.
In 2019, the MoRTHE Indonesia will be the host of ASEAN COST-76 and Sub Committee meetings
Source: Nada Marsudi, KSKP Bureau, 2182018.

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